Nama              : Dede Nursidik

Npm                : 10208311

Kelas               : 4 EA03

Tugas              :B. Inggris 2


Exercise 10 Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct form of the verb in parentbeses in the following sentences

  1. John, along with twenty friends, are planning a party.
  2. The picture of the soldiers brings back many memories.
  3. The quality of these recordings are not very good.
  4. If the duties of these officers aren”t reduced, there will not be enough time to finish the project.
  5. The effects of cigarette smoking have been proven to be extremely harmful.
  6. The use of credit cards in plance of cash has increased rapidly in recent years.
  7. Advertisements on television is becoming more competitive than ever before.
  8. Living expences in this country, as well as in many others, are at an all-time high.
  9. Mr. Jones, a companied by several members of the committee has proposed some changes of the rules.
  10. The levels of intoxication vary from subject to subject.


Exercise 11  Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct form of the verb in the following sentences

  1.  Neither Bill nor Mary is going to the play tonight.
  2. Anything is better than going to another movie tonight.
  3. Skating are becoming more popular every day.
  4. A number of repoters was at the conference yesterday.
  5. Everybody who has a fever must go home immediately.
  6. Your glasses were  on the bureau last hight.
  7. There was some people at the meeting last night.
  8. The committee has already reached a decision.
  9. A pair of jeans was in the washing machine this  morning.
  10. Each student has answered the first three questions.
  11. Either  john  or his wife make breakfash each morning.
  12. After she had perused the material, the secretary decided that everyting  was in order.
  13. The crowd at the basketball game was wild with excitement.
  14.  A pack of wild dogs have fringhtened all the ducks away.
  15. The jury is trying to reach a decision.
  16. The army has eliminated this section of the training test.
  17. The number of student who have with drawn from class this quarter are appaling.
  18. There has been too many interruptions in this class.
  19. Every elementary school teacher has to take this examination.
  20. Neither Jill nor her parents have seen this movie before.


Exercise 4 Articles

In the following sentences supply the articles (a, an, or the) if they are necessary. If no article is necessary, leave the space blank.


  1. Jason”s father bought him a bicycle that he had wanted for his birthday.
  2. The statue of Liberty was a gift or friendship from france to United States.
  3. Rita is studying an English and ar the math this semester.
  4. The judge asked a witness to tell the truth.
  5. Please give me a cup of coffe with cream and sugar.
  6. A big books on the table are for my history class.
  7. No one in Spanish class knew a correct answer to the Mrs. Perez”s question.
  8. My a car is four years old and it still runs well.
  9. When you go to store, please buy a bottle of chocolate milk and dozen oranges.
  10. There are only a few seats left for the tonight”s musical at university.
  11. John and Marcy went to school yesterday and then studied in library before return ning home.
  12. Lake Eric is one of the five Great Lakes in the North America.
  13. On our trip to Spain, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
  14. The Mount Rushmore is the site of a magnificent tribute to the four great American presidents.
  15. What did you eat for  breakfast this morning.
  16. Louie played basketball and basketball at the Boys” Club this years.
  17. Rita plays a violin and her sister plays a guitar.
  18. While we were in the Alaska , we saw Eskimo village.
  19. Phil can”t go to the movies tonight because  he has to write  essay.
  20. David attended Princetom University.
  21. Harry has been admitted to School of Medicine at Midwestern university.
  22. Mel”s grandmother is in the hospital, so we went to visit her the last night.
  23. Political science class is taking a trip to the Soviet Union in spring.
  24. The Queen Elizabeth II is a monarch of Great Britain.
  25. The Declaration of Independence was drawn up in 1776.
  26. Scientist hope to send expedition to Mars during 1980s.
  27. Lash night there was a bird singing outside my house.
  28. A chair that you are sitting in is broken.
  29. The Civill War was fought in the United States between 1861 and  1865.
  30. The florida State University is smaller than University of Florida.

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